Helping children process trauma through art experience.

Our Mission

On September 11, 2001 ART4KIDS, Inc was conceived with the mission of bringing art materials to children in distress. We serve children traumatized through abandonment, abuse, illness, homelessness, blindness, survivors of domestic violence, the emotionally disturbed or marginalized child; any threatening or tragic situation. ART4KIDS, Inc serves children in hospitals, clinics, orphanages, foster care agencies, group homes, domestic violence and homeless shelters, therapist’s offices – facilities which provide services for children in trauma. 87% of our income is used for art materials received by the 4500-5000 children whom we serve annually.  


We donate 12” zip bags with crayons, watercolors, brushes and paper valued at $6.00+ per artpack. This artpack may be the child’s only possession at a time when they've lost everything. It's designed to be appealing, compact, portable and appropriate for medical environments. Our team of volunteers assembles hundreds of art packs several times each year.  We also provide a variety of other art materials to meet the needs of the specific agency being served.

Our art materials provide the child with tools which enable him/her to create; to express fear, anger, love and other emotions by drawing; the resultant artwork is often descriptive of their experience and their inner-most secrets. Visual art expression provides a vehicle to express that which is unbearable and unspeakable. This process provides a vehicle for coping as well as teaching a valuable life skill. Research shows art therapy to be one of the most effective treatment modalities  for processing trauma. It begins the healing process and triggers meaningful dialogue, which provides valuable insight to therapists & care givers.  

65,000 Children +

We help 5,000 children a year. Learn more about the organizations we serve. 


Funds purchase art materials for children in distress.

Community Outreach

ART4KIDS, INC provides creative art experiences for recovering children.