About Pam

Professional Artist, Lecturer & Designer, Pam Schader, M.A. teaches studio art, design and art history at Irvine Valley College. With over 30 years teaching at the college level, she is the recipient of Instructor of the Year Award, Art Instructor of the Year Award, Walker Fund Award for Art Education and Bank of America Fine Arts Achievement Award. She is Founder & Director of ART4KIDS, INC., founded Sept 11, 2001, which brings art materials to children in distress in the U.S. & abroad.

Board of Directors

Pam Schader M.A., Artist, Art Educator Founder, Director   

Janet Inez Adams, M.F.A.

Rhonda Ducote 

John Hall, M.B.A. 

Patti Herdell

Anthony L. Johnson, B.A.

Harmon Kong, B.S.

R. Zebulan Law, LL.M., C.P.A.

Maria Minaglia, M.P.H. 

Len Porcello, Ph.D.

Victoria Porcello, J.D., M.A.

Maria Turley Prasad

Erich Schader

Vivian Tellefsen, M.A.

Rosemary Tesoro, M.F.A.

Doug Thornburg, B.A.